Sunday, March 21, 2010

Interesting morning so far..

Well, really an interesting past week.

Here's a quick nutshell type recap of the week:
  • It was spring break so all my roomies and friends were out of town
  • I walked a half marathon the first Sunday of the break
  • Worked the rest of the week
  • Did a lot of reading and h/w for my classes online
  • Got kinda sick yesterday :-(
  • Started working on something I've been wanting to do for a long time: writing a piece of fiction (more on this below)
This morning I found some old drafts of blog posts for this blog that I never posted and it was interesting to review them and see how things have changed. A lot has changed and I look back on the past with a bittersweet feeling in my heart. My grandmother passed away last summer, I am now working in HR full time and getting my masters in Organizational Human Resource Development, and I didn't get to NOLA for spring break this year.

Life changes and nothing ever stays the same - this is something that I of course know and accept, but a little part of me this morning I think realized for the first time that a chapter of my life has officially come to an end. And while I look back on that chapter and smile, some of me is sad to see it go. But more of me knows that I must keep moving forward, looking to see what God has in store of this new season of life (Phil 3:13-14).

So, I've always enjoyed reading and writing, and have always thought, "Hey it'd be cool to write a book someday." And I know someone who recently began doing this, and she has had a really great time with it, so I decided that even though it's just a creative exercise, I'm going to start writing. For now I'm not sure what this will turn in to. It may be a short story. May be the beginning of something much longer. We'll see. The biggest thing is that I don't have much time to write for my own pleasure, so I will probably only be able to add a few sentences at a time over the next several months. But that's ok. At least I'm doing it!

Goals for today: set up my new Kodak printer and clean off the rest of my desk so I can use it! It's currently acting as a catch-all.

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